tatte bakery and cafe

BOSTON City Guide (Part One)

I grew up traveling the world, always moving from place to place. From Turkey to the Netherlands, from Texas to London, the contrasts is what makes it an adventure. Sometimes I get too caught up in the places I want to go that I forget to appreciate my current surroundings. I am creating this list to remind myself what a wonderful city I live in, what superb people surround me, and the beauty of the cobblestoned roads that form my neighborhood.

The following lists my favorite parts of Boston. From popular tourist attractions to the hidden gems. This is my Boston. This guide is for perspective college students, those people (like me) who are losing touch of their surroundings, and those who just need some inspiration to explore their own cities. 

I am hoping to do this in parts, eventually forming a perfect guide to all the best spots in Boston. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! I'm always looking for new places to explore. xx

1. Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Tatte is just fabulous, with four locations scattered around the Greater Boston Area, it is a prime place to catch up with friends, finally respond to those piling emails, and people watch. Off the Kendall Square T stop is (in my opinion) their prime location, if you plan on doing work or meeting a semi-large group of people make sure you get your timing right or else you'll be waiting awhile. But don't let this turn you away! (Pro Tip: if you can't find a seat and feeling impatient Voltage Coffee and Art is right across the street and they offer plenty of seating options, as well as make the best lattes I've ever had--try their Atticus Finch latte, it's killer). 

2. Coolidge Corner Theatre 

Opened in 1933, the Coolidge Corner Theatre is a renovated Art Deco movie palace. With an old school, throwback vibe (inside and out), the theatre shows both new releases, indie and old iconic flicks. The theatre has a main showing room (that's BEAUTIFUL, large, and iconic) and numerous small showing areas (and I mean small, 11 leather armchairs only small). Don't fear! It's awesome, intimate, and a must if residing in Boston. They also have a killer concession stand: fresh air popped popcorn, homemade cookies, and beer! It's impossible to have a bad time. 

3. IsAbella StewarT Gardner Museum

 Art lovers unite! Many times overlooked by both tourists and Bostonians, this museum is one of Boston's treasures. The museum has a breathtaking indoor garden and displays containing some of the Renaissance's finest. Although it is hard to compete with the Museum of Fine Arts, the Stewart Gardner Museum puts up a good fight. Museum walking is one of my favorite activities, although I've been a hundred and ten times, each experience is unique, refreshing, and peaceful. It's hard to leave this place feeling stressed.

4. Boston Public library 

I know what you all are thinking: duh! The BPL is both a great study spot and tourist attraction. It has giant beautiful murals (reminds me a lot of the one's in London's Victoria & Albert museum). During the warmer months, the BPL's courtyard is a beautiful place to sit, read, eat, and sip a coffee (they also have an indoor cafe). I love getting Sweetgreen from across the street and eating it in the courtyard while I edit or catch up on blogs. It's also a great place to snap some pics if you need some new Instagram material or inspiration.

5. Acron Street 

Ah, Acorn St.: Beacon Hill's hidden gem. If you are looking for beautiful places in Boston this is where to go. I often bring my clients here for head shots and portraits sessions for it's beautiful light and non-obtrusive scenery. Lined with Boston's iconic cobblestones, Acorn St. has the ability to make you feel like you've transported back to the 1800s. The best part is just a block away is the lovely Charles Street lined with unique little shops, bakeries, art galleries, and restaurants. If you need more to do to make the trip to Beacon Hill, The Paramount is delicious, Tatte's newest location is a great afternoon pick me up, and soon opening across the street, Follain offers a large array of all natural, wholesome skin and beauty products (and gosh darn are they the best). 

Stay tuned for part two! Enjoy exploring! xx