It's All a Blur

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Being snowed in for weeks at a time is driving me crazy. I always think of unique circumstances as the recipe for an "adventurous" life, i.e. sharing a small living space with three other people, embarking on a long commute to work everyday, working hard just to pay the bills. I had the option to live rather freely, not pay rent or bills, have more free time to do what I love. But a part of me wanted to feel struggle and true life. It gets hard though. Can't cook because the kitchen is always in shambles, can't stay indoors because my sanity becomes withered. But I choose this path and I'm learning to deal with it. 

I miss traveling. I miss Europe and not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Being snowed-in in a shitty apartment leaves little mystery or wonder of what will be coming next.

I can't wait for the clouds to break and the sun to come out and melt all this bloody snow. 

But that day will come, I just have to be patient and have faith. Until then it's another day drinking my life away (with coffee of course) with Netflix on a continuous loop.